Presentation of the Greek corvette design Als ® Class 100′

On October 26, 2010 the corvette Als ® Class 100 ‘ was presented to the Hellenic Navy General Staff, with the following improvements:
Integration of the various observations of the Navy’s first presentation in December 2009:

1) Study and design in accordance with regulations of the German Classification Society to build warships.

2) Increase the operational capabilities of the vessel with the installation of the Mk 41vertical launchers (a total of 16 cages), and alternatively under certain conditions, of the Sylver A50 system.

3) Ability to alternatively install a non-rotating multifunction  radar  (SEA MASTER 400 a non-rotating four-face array Volume Search Radar) instead of the rotating radar Smart – S Mk2.

4) Ability to alternatively install another integrated mast (I-Mast with SEA MASTER 400 Radar) instead of ICAS integrated mast.

5) Ability to tailor the operational capabilities of the vessel with the development of familyboats that cover broader and longer term needs of the Navy.

6) Possibility to install Greek systems.

It should be noted that this vessel is not competing to any of the current programs of the Navy. Instead it complements an existing gap in the Navy fleet.



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