The first Greek cruise missile! HSC-1 “MAKEDON”

For 3 years now a number of Greek Companies and Industries, in coordination with the Greek General Army Stuff, worked on setting the specifications, designing all subsystems and developing the first Greek stand-off cruise missile. The missile impresses with its performance. Its specificatios appears to be much higher than that of the equivalent Turkish-Pakistani missile, that will equip the Turkish Air Force in the middle of the decade.

The development plan of the top secret first Greek stand-off cruise missile, named  HSC-1 (Hellenic Stand-off Cruise-1) “MAKEDON” is presented for the first time in the current issue of ‘Stratigiki’ magazine.

All subsystems (including engines and terrain monitoring and avoidance system), are developed or to be developed entirely by Greek companies. The missile has all necessary elements to become a sustainable business and operational proposal: high performance, high lethality and low cost.

It is the most impressive high technology program that can give Greek Air Force large numbers of stand-off missiles at a time that the war in Libya is proving that a large number of missiles is required to achieve objectives. During the first day of conflict In the first days of conflict were launched twice as many stand-off missiles than the Greek Air Force has in total in its arsenal!

HSC-1 will use BSK’s turbojet VRJ-1400A which produces 440lbs of thrust. The missile will have a range of 300km’s and a speed of 1200km/hr. The guidance is GPS/INS with technology from Miltech.




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