Flurry of Τurkish military activity off Cyprus

A flurry of Τurkish military activity off the coast off Cyprus and over its flight control area are being monitored, due to the Republics’ natural gas exploration in its exclusive economic zone.

Meanwhile, the Turkish exploration boat Piri Reis, has been sailing since early this morning, around 85 kilometers from the Noble Energy platform where natural gas exploratory drilling is being conducted on behalf of the Republic of Cyprus.

Turkish military ships are keeping a close eye in international waters.

Defence minister Dimitris Iliadis assured that the government is closely monitoring the situation, keeping calm and responsible.

Source: famagusta-gazette.com

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  • Tyroneez

    None of this bodes well / what will Cyprus do if the Turks start to drill i’n ( sector 12 ) ???

    • Emre

      Don’t worry Tyroneez, we don’t have the technology (Just like South Cyprus) so we won’t start drilling anything. I heard some comments that we were looking for partners but I doubt we will find any due to North Cyprus’ situation but maybe crazy Iranians would help us just to “bug” Israel? I don’t know if they have the technology…