Israeli ships in Greek firing range in the Aegean

On July 18 Israeli warships hold a “planned” exercise which lasted two hours in the Aegean. The exercise included the use of live ammunition off Greece’s Aegean island of Milos at the firing range “Karavia” in Myrtoo Sea.

We say “planned”, simply because it coincided with the visit of the Chief of the Hellenic Navy in Israel last week, while the desire of Israelis to conduct naval exercises in the Aegean had first been expressed last year. But since then the request was pending. This case was however special because only Israeli warships conducted the exercise without any Greek participation.

This does not diminish the importance of the exercise, but only in the broader context of Greek-Israeli cooperation, and not in other dimensions that some usually try to give. Such exercises are conducted regularly by the Israeli armed forces in order to become more familiar with environments that do not normally have the opportunity to practice, in this case an archipelago. Israeli ships also sailed in international waters of the Aegean Sea, making navigation exercises in the past.

The first exercise with the entrance of two Israeli naval vessels in Greek territorial waters, a Sa’ar 5 class corvette and a large Sa’ar 4.5 class missile boat also included firing live ammunition at the firing range.

Regarding the Greek-Israeli cooperation the attempt to gain lost ground, after the Greek transitional government service, has not yet begun, though according to some information a visit at a Foreign Minister level is expected.

Source: ptisidiastima

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  • GDS

    No pics or video?

    • Lmephisto

      And do not forget , that mostly all the countries allied to Russia are mainly in deep political and economical problems. The west knows well how to overthrow countries that are not allying or agreeing with their interests . Greece now is way to unstable to change allies and trigger a political conflict with the west. If we allied with the Russians militarily then Greece will face an exodus from both NATO and EU. That makes us vulnerable to civil war and we give more power to Turkey to find ways and attack/claim Greek soil ofcourse with the help of the west (Espionage). Now from the other hand Greece has very good relations with Russia (Diplomatic & Economical) despite the the fact that Greece is a NATO member :) Lets hope things will stay this way.

      • Giannoulis

        But Turks have a certain fear of Russian power that comes from the history. I don’t think they will have enough courage to attack/claim Greek soil if Russians support us and I believe they are ready to offer us a more solid economic and military support, just to see us as an ally.

        • James E

          Russia is indeed pursuing her national interests which are best served by fostering world environment where there is no one hegemonous power. By thwarting the US/UK-Israeli agenda for a Greater Middle East i do not see this as a bad thing.

          People speak of Russia as a has been… hehehe at least their drones arent hacked by a 12 year old iranian living in his parents basemant.

          Their new fighter jets can take on 4 US made ones. Its alliance through SCO has gotten the chinese to plant tampered chips in most US/UK/Israeli electronic devices getting the US military to spend way too much on fixing things.

          People speak of civil war in Greece. This is just Western propaganda and its not working anymore… People are awake to the lies. Look at syria…

          Issue with Greece is that it has no leaders willing to fight the fight. We are inviting 2 theives to dinner (Troika vs US/UK/Israel). Lets then get a third…

          With Greece’s natural resources it has to now be considered a BRIC estimates of 9 trillion worth of Gas, Rare earth materials which can feed the sheeple with iphones/androids/flat screens for the next 300 years.

          Lets play this right. Let them farkers do our bidding and not sell out like those arab sheiks who have kingdoms.

      • kasomoulis

        Well said – this logic should prevail among our people.

  • James E

    I can see IS RA EL putting the knife into greece in the near future. The OIL/Gas reserves in the Aegean are paramount to the future of Greece and they should be inviting Russia NOT the west for assistance. Greece is Eastern not western IMO. After all we are Greek Orthodox and not dirty Western Vaticano’s.

    Cyprus is aligned ( i will not say owned like others, as whilst for me they are Greek brothers) but they still are sovereign on their own right and have a right to be) to Greece and Russia, and the new pipelines that are being proposed will decemate the Anglo/Americano/Zionist (the real axis of evil) hegemony on world control.

    Look at the trouble NATO is doing to Greek friends like Syria Iran and lebanon… yes they have been good trading partners of late and in fact held alot of their money in Greek banks before the dirty NATO launched a economic attack of Greece, IRAN was giving us free OIL for a time being… try getting the dirty axis of evil to do that!

    Iran is trying to get nuclear energy up and running! why? Well they can just export all the OIL/GAS to China through pakistan and also out to other countries through ports built by China/Russia, whilst having a clean resource for their energy efficiency.

    Dont be fooled by the Israeli/Turkish spat going on… the new pipelines being introduced (and trying to be halted by the axis of evil) will deem the pipelines running through turkey and controlled by Zionist Israel (through the City of London) useless in terms of export and monetary value.

    To the turkish people that may read this comment you like Greeks are being spun into a web that will be difficult to untangle one day without war. Why should we kill each other/waste our money on Military procurement for the sake of the Anglo/Americano/Israel axis of evil?

    Do your research people…. the world is in play, so much so, that has not been seen in a long time.

    • James E

      To add: Does anyone have any information about when Papandreou sacked the 8 Greek military chiefs 1-2 years ago? Information is coming to light that an alignment with Russia was imminant at that time and a staging of Russian troops/ supplies was to be allowed in Alexandroupolis… if anyone has any more on this please post.

      • kasomoulis

        I see your logic – the correct logic of the 1700s Greece on the Russian Orlovs who used Greece to get to the Ottomans.
        The Greeks have a track record with Russia from the Orlovs to this day. Russia plays the Orthodox card to manipulate Turkey – It has nothing to do with Greece! Currently Russia is actually trying to maintain the status quo of being the major energy supplier to Europe. The BA pipe line was probably the only good thing that Russia and Greece had going (again because Russia had more to gain than Greece), still a good thing for Greece! However, the Bulgarians killed it because their current partners convinced them it was not to their interest (free f16s etc… etc) – think about it.
        Yes Greece has been with NATO because without NATO she would now have been eaten up and split into three parts! The current Russian foreign policy, though the curtain has fallen, is reminiscing the soviet era. Vladimir is aspiring to the old glory and Greece is just the traditional lever to counter the Turkish plans of expansionism. Though this may be in line with the Greek/Cypriot aspirations, it clashes with the western interests so much so that at the end Greece and Cyprus will be the losers if they veer off the current course – If you think the 1974 cannot be repeated, please think again!
        Ask Russia to not recognize the FYROM name. Then ask their rep at the IMF to not oppose the revision of the Greek borrowing memorandum. Then ask them to not interfere with the Athos leadership and let the Greek justice take its course. Then ask them….. ok I can go on and on…..To show their dedication to friendship with Greece and Orthodoxy.
        I believe the latest future alliance with Israel with an axis to Bulgaria, Rumania and Serbia is a good thing if it only can become real with lasting cohesion to withstand the Cassandra lovers who would vote for the underdog even when the results are here to see. Voices like yours that are negative to the new alliance are endangering the Greek and Cypriot sovereignty – things are not as clear as black and white my friend… unfortunately!
        Finally the only ones who can save our sovereignty is the Greek/Cypriot governments elected by the people for the people – If they are smart and patriots they will show it soon – time will tell.
        Please do not read me wrong I too think a Russian presence in the EM will enhance the balance of power in the area, and that is where it stops! Cyprus and Russia have a long relationship and an accommodation for the Russians may turn out to be a good thing for Cyprus too.
        Unless you are a red herring you should be able to see what the Greek/Cypriot interests are aligned with – your beliefs have been around since I can remember and read about and have not taken Greece anywhere good! If you are Greek, please work on the Greek/Cyprus political system to extricate the rascals and bring about people voted by the people for the people, the rest will fall in place!

    • Canavar

      Bush labeled Iran, Korea, and Saddam’s Iraq, as the “axis of evil”. You chose to use the same term to describe America, England, and the “Zionists”. Harry Truman once said about the Ku Klux Klan: “you’ve got to wonder about people who run around in sheets”. Your arguments aside, I have to wonder about people who draw an analogy between America,… and Iran,… Also I have to wonder about anyone who will trust selfish and cynical Russia for one instant.

      • Dean Plassaras

        Who? Answer: a Turk.

        • Canavar

          Thanks for the info Dean. It makes me relieved.

        • Canavar

          Dean perhaps you remember a Turk who posted here named Cem Celik, who presented himself as a “moderate”. He even asked me to give him my real name so we could become “friends”.

          I thought he was a good guy (a sucker is born every minute) but a lot of people saw right through Cem Bey. (Fortunately, he was treated so roughly here that he left.) You might know that anti-Semites are greatly overrepresented at the Jerusalem Post’s talkback sites . Tonight’s discussion concerned whether Israel should or should not attack Iran. As you might expect,the anti-Semites(in addition to their usual stuff “zionists trying to start wars and get the US to fight them, etc.”) took positions intended to demoralize the Israeli’s reading the posts. Well our “moderate” was in league with the other anti-Semites, agreeing with their posts, chiming in with his own negativism, etc.

          You got to wonder about these “moderate” Turks.

          On a pleasant note, congratulations to all Greeks for being the founders of the Olympics! Like over a billion people on the planet I love them.

        • O1acimasiz

          Your answer,wishfull thinking !
          Greece will allways stay as the playball of the Big players,Turkey on the other hand is done beeing playball of the Big players.
          We dont need Greece but Greece needs us in the near future.
          Poor Dean,how you gonna live with that future perspective?

          • Dean Plassaras

            Why does Greece needs Turkey in the near future?

          • O1acimasiz

            You should know that Dean,the future of economics is east.
            The west is allmost dead.

          • Dean Plassaras

            But if I want to do business with China and Asia, why do I have to go through Turkey?

          • Emre

            Dea, in terms of Middle East , Turkey will always be a 1st line player. And yes the focus of the world is in Middle East not because of the conflicts but yes due to energy. Energy today can create world wars easily just like it created in WW2. The heart of the world (oil) is beating in ME and yes Turkey is a bridge who is in the passage to oil fields of ME. China won’t be leaving any resources that is close to her to be exploit like idiot Arabs and will make direct front to US. US and China soon will have their own cold war.
            Greece only would accelerate the process of using some untouchable resources if to collaborate with Turkey. Independent of actions of Turkey blocking these resources (if we are right or wrong), we will ALWAYS have a say in the resources close to us. If you think that you will just declare your EEZ and start drilling, Greece is very wrong and it will give a reason to Turkey do other Cyprus operations in the region. Greece and South Cyprus are selling their future to Russians, Americans, Israelis, Egiptians etc. Ofcourse if the problems between Turkey and these 2 Greek States resolve, Greece would benefit more from this situation but ofcourse no one wants Turkey-Greece-South Cyprus to be in peace. This suits to the world powers. At the end of the accounts we will see what will SC and Greece will receive from revenues of gas. You will be filling the pockets of Israel, Russia, Us, Britain etc…So YES Greece needs Turkey not only because of these issues but also we are neighbours. Want or not, like or not. So we will always be having relations. As for saying Greece has nothing to do with ME issues, you continue to parrot in this but today that is not true. ME is the heart and every little action in this part of the world would be directly influencing our policies, our economy, our people…If you can’t see that you are pretty stuck in a glass sphere…

          • Dean Plassaras


            see new thread because we run out.

          • O1acimasiz

            Ty Emre i couldnt have said it better.

          • Dean Plassaras

            Now answer what I replied to that.

          • Kasomoulis

            Watch the next few years. In the meantime go and spend yourselves to oblivion to grab what is not yours… Who is dreaming?

    • yeah im israeli

      what an ugly comment
      more fitting to an arab
      you must be one of these golden dawn bastards

  • Dean Plassaras

    Greece has nothing to do with Russia in a military way. Absolutely nothing.

    • James E

      And yet look at the state it is in…. NATO took most of its current wealth (GDP) by Greece buying military at inflated prices and now the bankers have moved in to carve up the rest by taking peoples savings and are going to carve up its assets.

      • Dean Plassaras

        As I said: Greece has nothing to do with Russia militarily.

        • Giannoulis

          May I ask why you are so against an alliance with Russia?

          • Dean Plassaras

            Because other than emotional comfort, it provides nothing of substance. In 20 years from now when Russia would have a rebuilt navy maybe. But now it only accrues burdens for Greece with very little corresponding benefits.

          • James E

            No i do not agree, the only reason i can see is that you can see this as a detrimant to Israel.

          • Dean Plassaras

            Feel free to see it any which way you wish. Bottom line: Russia is not a naval power, its Black Sea fleet is a floating scrap metal museum and its access to the Aegean and Med -in a rapid response fashion -totally regulated through Bosporus straits.

            Militarily the Russians can’t do much in the Med if anything at all relating to Greece and Cyprus. If your point is to develop “win-win” positions with the Russians in foreign policy and on the negotiating table then the answer is yes. The Russians are top rated players in geopolitics and very smart.

            But militarily in the Aegean and the Med? No! That’s impossible. Maybe in 20-years time and that’s a soft maybe because all the others would not be sitting idle either. They would be modernizing as well. So a navy’s worth is always relative to others.

            Unless the Russians introduce a new super technology and naval design that leaves everybody behind, they are very much at a disadvantage in many respects.

          • G.S.

            Yes but the super battle cruiser the Russians have docked in Cyprus right now can take on 8 NATO ships and their airpower. Russia is not as weak as you think. Further remember they have upgraded s300 missles on those ships. They don’t need a big navy.

          • Dean Plassaras

            What NATO ships?

            They don’t need a big navy to do what?

          • Kasomoulis

            NATO and Russia will never, ever go at each other! They have more brains than Iran and Turkey! Think about it. Just listen to the gaaras here.
            We can sit here and bloviate all year long in playing like 8 year olds with the plastic toys!

  • Dean Plassaras


    You make a lot of claims, so let’s take them one by one.

    First, EEZ. Declaring an EEZ is not to begin drilling. You declare an EEZ so that you are able to sit down with our countries and delineate its boundaries. And while you are delineating (which usually takes 2-3 years or even more) you begin to seismically explore the seabed to see what resources you have. So don’t equate the simple unilateral act of declaring an EEZ with anything else. Every country has an EEZ. But in order to delineate it, you need to declare it first and a declaration does not involve third countries only your own. You are incorrect in saying that Greece needs Turkey to declare its EEZ. Greece will need Turkey after the declaration in order to delineate a common border. But that comes later.

    Second, ME. You claim that ME is an energy source and somehow we need to carry such energy to Europe and therefore Turkey is a bridge. I don’t think so. Let me explain.

    The ME has been exporting its hydrocarbons for a century now using primarily marine transport. There is a reason for such. It’s called diversification. With a merchant fleet you can transport your oil and gas anywhere in the world. So, you are not tied to a fixed situation.

    Finally, if I understand it correctly the Americans and others want to cut off the Middle East from the energy equation. Not sink further into it. You may want to watch this video and you will immediately understand what the American plan is. It’s called “let the middle East wither on the vine”


    Advantage from decades arab – greek friendship = insignificant. Advantage from greek – turkish friendship = turkey offers greece time before it backstabs her again.

    israel – greece : a geopolitical evidence that should have been put together long ago.

    REALISM = the only solution for smaller countries like greece that always get screwed anyway.